Established in 2001, Able Energy are designers, suppliers and installers of renewable energy solutions, with proven expertise in the areas of solar, hydro and wind energy generation.

Driven by a strong pioneering spirit, we are proud to achieve many ‘firsts’ in Malaysia:

  • First company to offer portable flexible mobile chargers
  • First company to install Malaysian made PV modules
  • First company to develop and provide an introductory course on solar energy system design for Nigeria’s National Board for Technical Education. This was a joint venture with Universiti Malaya.
  • First company implement various cutting edge technological advances, for example:
    • Suntech’s new Pluto High Performance Silica Crystalline modules
    • MSR’s G3 Bosch Cell PB modules
    • Flexcell/VHF (Switzerland) Flexible PV module
  • First system integrator to be ‘walk the talk’ by transforming our headquarters into a Green Building

For us, this is just the beginning. We continue to ride on the forefront of the renewable energy wave with constant innovation towards holistic energy efficient solutions for Malaysia and the world beyond.


To see a world powered by clean, renewable energy


To generate long-term value and returns for our customers by delivering excellent products and services in the area of renewable energy generation.

To raise the living standards of the community by providing clean, renewable energy where it’s needed most.

To elevate renewable energy as a sustainable, profitable and clean alternative to fossil fuels in the region of South East Asia and beyond